Fire in the, run, run..!

Friday always bring relief to us. Most of eagerly wait for Friday and leave the office as early as possible. :) Today is one of the most memorable day in my life. At around 11:15am, the fire alarm rang in our building and all of us inside were out of the building within few minutes. When we were out of the building, we learnt that it was just a mock fire alarm to train us. This was a relief and none of us were worried since nothing serious had happened.

While walking out of the building along with my teammate who is also a close friend of mine said, " If anything happens to any of us, I am gonna miss you." I was moved by her words.

Death: I don't fear. It is better to live brave than live with the dear of death. Death hugs young and old. If not at old age, I would die young. The fear of death makes you grow older and worried than you're. None of us can predict when we die or how we die, then why fear something which are out of your control and lose peace? We, being mortals, are born with death. Nothing is permanent and no one is permanent in life.

My aunt once narrated this story to me:
A young King in his thirties was over-weight. He had inferiority complex due to his physical looks. He, once, announced that he would reward the person who would suggest him the ways of reducing fat in less span of time. Many ministers suggested various methods and nothing worked. He was dissapointed. One fine day, a sane astrologer says, that, the King will die exactly after a week from this day. The King, listening to this, wouldn't sleep, stopped eating and was always lost in thoughts since the fear of death haunted him. More than a week passed, he remained alive. The angry King, now called for the astrologer and told him with pride that he was still alive, hale and healthy, and his astrology was wrong and he would be hanged. The astrologer being a clever man says that the King was now slimmer than before. This made King happy. If he hadn't told that he was going to die, the King would never had worried or lost weight. This is the fear of death that made his lose this peace, brought sleepless nights, starve, numb and even cry.

I was happy that there is at least one person who would miss me when I am gone. :)

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  1. Fire drills...hmmm never made me think of death ever then!!
    Interesting point of view...may be I should start thinking and worrying about death to lose weight. Nah!! I doubt if it will work on me :)
    Though I do understand the feeling of having some one who would miss us if we were not there!

  2. nice blog....write more....I think the pictures can speak more...

  3. Not one there willbe many !me too agree, i also dont fear desth, but always believe in doing the right thing and it always brings me peace..long term.

  4. THe fear of death cannot slim me down. I would possibly start eating more in case I know i m gonna go in a week, hehhe.
    ON a serious note, yes it is very very nice to know that someone is gonna miss u.

  5. So what were the results of the drill? Were u guys quick in response?

  6. i fear pain more than the death... and i don't want to die till my child is old enough to take care of herself... but then nothing is in our hand, hai na!!

    Nice story!


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