Drafted 7th Dec '08

Last Sunday, 7th December, I watched the Kannada play Kalavu at Rangashankara .
Direction: Pramod Shiggaon,
Playwright: Dr K Y Narayanaswamy,
Troupe: Rangasampada, Bangalore.
Duration: 120 mins.

In Kannada , kaLavu means stealing. According to myth, stealing is also considered to be a smart profession. The plot of the play is all about stealing. Not everyone can be perfect at stealing without getting caught. Stealing not only refers to stealing valuable stuffs belonging to others, it can be stealing someone's dream, happiness etc... Little Krishna in Mahabharat a was also a great thief who stole butter. In this play, a buffalo is stolen and the villagers are involved in searching the lost animal. Meanwhile, the depth of truth is discovered apart from finding the lost buffalo. The play is well executed and the suspense is maintained till the end.

All of us are thieves in day-to-day life. If we haven't stolen a materialistic stuff we might have stolen something else. Yet, we don't realize that we are thieves. ;)

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  1. Yeah, so what do you steal?
    I steal time to sit on here to blog and read your blogs, cos when husband sees me around the computer he gives a nasty scowl.

  2. yeah.. we are all thieves! :-)
    it is like one of those realizations.. "we take nothing with us when we go"
    we just realize these helplessly though

  3. Looks like an interesting plot. :)
    Its been ages since i have viewed a play...


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