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I am an avid reader of books. Be it fiction, non-fiction, fantasy or mythology, I don't spare reading even Harry Potter or Shantaram . The first novel I read was during my college vacations, Tell me your dreams by Sydney Sheldon. I had borrowed that book from a friend. My parents always consider that investing on novels or comics is a waste of money. Hence, I never bought a novel or a comic from my pocket money during school or college life. Though, they always encouraged me to buy text books required like GRE by Barrons and many more.

A couple of years ago, I met a gal who was also an avid book reader. She had read so many books that I would ask her suggest me my next book to be read and explore the good novels and great authors. She not only read them but also owned them. I was fascinated when she said that she had around 5000 books in her library, which occupied the topmost floor of her house. I was much fascinated when she told that all the books were original and not pirated! One fine day, we decided to meet and visited British Library for membership. That fine day was 16th December. :)

So far, there are around 100 books in my personal library bought from my money. There are several e-books and online books available which I have read. But holding books is different from e-books. This friend inspired me to start my own library with unique collection of books. I still repent that I've few books and buying books are never a waste. I hope to add many good books in near future.

Now there are book networking sites like Shelfari , libthing and goodreads which encourage the readers to share their thought and explore books.

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  1. Oh I was just chatting with a school buddy of mine about how we would like floor to ceiling - wall to wall library filled with books!! :)
    e-books don't come close to holding the real thing!

  2. show us the library :-D my parents where really encouraging and they did buy me books, when they knew that I liked reading... and afetr I got job, I slowly started buying and keeping books... and i want to have a HUGE library one day... may be fill all the walls f my house with bookshelves :-D

  3. when i was a kid, my parents bought me several comics and story books. later, they shifted to the 'required books' mode. and then i lost the interest in buying and only borrowed ;)
    i know that good feeling when you actually buy and own a book even after you finish reading it

  4. 5000??? :O

    Are you sure there is one extra zero there by mistake??

    I'm fond of reading books but I prefer borrowing because maintaining books is a big time job and effort :P Yeah yeah..go ahead and call em a lazy bum!

  5. I love reading books :P during my tenth boards i used to sit and read story books inside my room :P Our library is conveniently placed :P I buy books of Coelho ,Khaled Hosseini and a few more authors whom i like...

  6. I am also a very avid reader: and I have many, lost the count, as in many shiftings I had to sell them also. In my family except my H, myself,daughter and son all are very fond of books and i keep buying. and i love to lend my books to people who are fond of:)
    I was thinking that one day i will go to a CCD and leave a book there with a note and see how much it travels:)

  7. i didn't read (m)any book(s) as a kid.. but have read quite a few of late, mostly non-fiction.. i almost always buy books i read and retain them..

  8. I read a lot of books too..
    thought i dnt buy it ..I lend it frm a library :D

    nw i am planning to buy white tiger :)

  9. I wish you & your friend can be at distance to reach, so that I could loan your books.

    I wasn't addictive reader but more free and pursuit entertainment & knowledge, I picked reading during flying time and then slowly growing into habit(almost but still i can live without a book for a season).

    thanks for stopping by.

  10. Good.. good.. Thanks for all the inspirations..

  11. Wow, that was impressive.
    I do buy books but in moderation. I love to borrow books from libraries. Gives me so much more to explore and to share the book with so many previous readers and those who will read the book after me.
    what a connection to make through a single book.

  12. A must-have in the house I'll one day make for myself is a well-stocked library. Have begun work (by buying lotsa books) already!

  13. I love reading fiction and have a lot of books myself.. though not 5000!! :)

    I wish my daughter shares my facination too...

  14. Shantaram (took a long time to read) and Mahashweta (10/10 for that book) are awesome reads! I am planning to read The Road to Omaha and Dollar Bahu next. Suggest some more good novels. I have nothing to do this new year...

  15. Suggest a good library where you find latest novels or any site with latest e books.

  16. ohh i am a reader too and love buying books too...i guess i would have some 150+ books with me, though recently i have started hiring books from a library (check out they are pretty good)... but 5K thats a huge no i am impressed

  17. myheadtrip, That seems to be great idea. Wondering how it would look :D

    --xh--, Will clean up my room, arrange the books and then click :-)

    Sneha Divakar, Initially, I used to borrow, but not anymore.

  18. ~nm, naa ji. Its 5000 books. Even I was shocked to learn it was 5k books.

    Yup, maintaining books is tough from insects.

    vishesh, My friends n I were back benchers and read tinkle during boring classes. Advantage of occupying back bench, you see!

    sandeep, Hope to see your book collection growing.

  19. Renu, Leave the book as in movie ishtyle? ;)

    arvind1187, Sure. Then I can see "My library" post on your blog soon :)

    iamyuva, I shall not lend :P

  20. peevee, Thanks :)

    Mampi, Right, Agree with you.

    D, Good to know. Happy reading.

  21. Sakhi, Sure, she'll :)

    Akshaya Aradhya, I had emailed you regarding the library. Didn't get any response from you so far.

    Monika, Have heard about easylib. Will try sometime :)

  22. If there's ne thing yu'll never repent for havng spent money, it's books!


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