Two hearts that beat as one

Yesterday was my cousin's wedding and I got an opportunity to click loads of pics. South Indian weddings have lot of rituals like Vara Pooje, Kashi Yaatre, Gowri Pooja, etc... More explanation will be added soon. Here are a few pics:

Dry fruits in a bowl
Dressing table made of cardboard
Made of sugar called Sakkare Acchchu.
Grooms feet washed during Kashi Yatre.
Groom holding Bride's hands during the main wedding ritual.
Seven rounds.
 Praying fire.

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  1. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them. I'm waiting to hear about some of the rituals.

  2. I just love wedding rituals and their symbolism. Your photos capture the scene very well. What a fun time you must have had!

  3. Awesome pictures. Somehow I can feel the feeling in the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Awesome shots you got. They capture the essence in the marriage rituals beautifully.

  5. Lovely pictures, give us some more:) and explain the traditions.

  6. lol since i have school,i usually go only for the evening reception..and when i was small i used be running around and playing :P nice pics ;)

  7. lovely pics :) We have almost the same rituals in telugu marriages too :) and I think in tamilian ones too

  8. I like rituals and I like people getting married in the most traditional ways :)
    May these hearts have a wonderful married life

  9. I simply love Indian wedding.. so many colours and dazzle and ooohhhh.. its simply great!! :)

  10. kaaryeshu daasi,
    karaneshu manthri,
    rupeshu lakshmi,
    kshamaya darithri,
    snehe cha mata,
    sayanethu veshya,
    shad dharmayuktha kula dharma patni...

    Marriage is the holiest of all ceremonies ... atleast that's what I feel :)

  11. Lovely pics :) That practices makes the marriages special :)

  12. That is India and its rituals. How can I forget my marriage. These photos invoke my memory and pulled me in the past days that has been gone 10 years back....

  13. lovely pics... congrats to ur cousin

  14. Beth F, Thanks. You need to wait for some more time to hear about them :)

    Shireena, Glad, you liked them :)

    Mampi, :)

  15. ~nm, Thank you :)

    dharmabum, :)

    Renu, Explanation will take sometime.

  16. vishesh, I love the food during receptions :D

    myheadtrip, South Indian rituals are almost similar.

    Toonfactory, Thanks!

  17. Tanvi, Will wish them on your behalf. :)

    Sakhi, Yeah, they're. :)

    Akshaya Aradhya, Yes, indeed. That's why there people believe in horoscope matches and a good muhurtham...

  18. kanagu, Yes, they're special.

    Quality Tale, Nostalgia, huh? :)

    Monika, Thanks.

  19. Namma maduve nenapige bantu :) Wonderful clicks :)


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