When at home alone I sit

There are two trees in front of my house for more than two decades now. One is a Sampige tree, planted by my mother, Sampige flower is yellow in colour and my mother is very of it. She uses these flowers for worshiping daily or decorating her hair. The other tree was planted by Mahanagara Palike. Though, I don't know what these trees are called. It is the tallest among the two trees, let me refer to it as Tall tree :)

The tall tree doesn't provide any flower not fruit but it definitely provides shade and cool breeze. My father parks his vehicle under its shade. It is also a shelter for crows and small animals like squirrels. Many squirrels dwell in this tree, to my surprise. When my mother spreads paddy or wheat for sun drying on the terrace, these squirrels would run to and fro, happy to find its food for survival. :) When there is nothing spread on the terrace, they find their way into the Tulsi pot eating the tiny flowers.

On few weekends, when I sit in my room spending the whole day browsing the net or reading a book, I watch these tiny animals with huge tails running around at regular intervals in search of food. I was sad that they didn't find any food and I spread a packet full of roasted groundnuts on the terrace and hid behind the window with camera and pin drop silence. One came out, holding the roasted groundnut with both hands, peeled off and started to munch. Having completed only one groundnut, he ran to the tree and called for his friends. Slowly, his friends also came out and started relishing the groundnut. It was a splendid moment to watch them munching together and how one called out for its hungry friends when the food was found. We have lot to learn from them.

A groundnut packet: Rs 10/-

Watching the squirrels eat and play together: PRICELESS.

If you see any animals, don't let them starve. :)

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  1. haha u r good observer. nit all of us observes small things.. I love to as u do.
    even ants are awesome to watch at times.. I love dogs and birds.
    I wish i had love birds at home :( :(

  2. Very nice very nice, priceless indeed :)
    Do read this post

  3. lovely pics... and i love them too though there nos have gone down in the past... i still see couple of them in my garden now and then

  4. Arey wah.. they look absolutely awesome and cute... :)

  5. The squirrel is so cute...seems like it has caught the camera bug and is posing! :)
    Btw, you have been assigned a letter here


  6. amazing re....
    its indeed priceless to watch nature so close...
    i dunno where i would find a squirrel in mumbai..lolz ;)

  7. Hmm...I thought I left a comment here...
    Don't know if it has disappeared!
    Anyways..I think I said the squirrel seems to have posed for all the pics
    And...I did say that I have allotted a letter for you in the D is for.... post :)

    May be my comment went to spam cos I had pasted the URL for the post!

  8. ah nice.. i see a lot of these at my office.. i always tell myself to get cam to shoot, but .. :(

    maybe we can have a squirrel photo shoot at your terrace.. with strobes and wallpaper backgrounds :P

  9. gorgeously cute pictures!!

    arent squirrels the cuddliest of tiny animals?! :)

    great job M!



  10. arvind1187, Yeah, they are cute :)

    Reema, :)

    Nidhi, Yes, now let me watch your space for cute animals :)

  11. Final_Transit, Read your post. Nice gesture. :)

    Monika, Yeah, they're a prey to cats n dogs.

    Sakhi, :)

  12. myheadtrip, Indeed caught the shutterbug :)

    Sneha Divakar, Thanks :)

    Nandish, lol.. come to Bangalore, you will find squirrels :)

  13. Sakhi, Hadn't published, so...

    myheadtrip, Got it. Will write the tag soon.

    sandeep, heheh.... why strobe on squirrels? :P

    Mama - Mia, I am sure Cubby loves them too :)


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