Wise and Other wise

Wise and Otherwise-A salute to life, authored by Sudha Murty. Impressed by reading her book, Mahashweta , I borrowed this book from library and completed at the earliest. :)

Dedicated to page says:
Dedicated to
'The Shirtless Ones of India'
who really taught me
what my country is

This doesn't apply to those on silver screen ;)
Sudha Murty writes her experiences as a teacher, a friend, a mother, a wife and a social worker. Having traveled in remote villages, towns, urban cities and places abroad; she, being an extrovert, has conversed with both rich and poor, literates and illiterates, young and old. The different kind of people she met, some rich at heart though poor, some with high potential to succeed in life, people she met while setting up libraries in villages, strangers who could converse for hours in train, few married women who suffered torture from in-laws, etc...

The book consists of 51 stories written in a lucid style. No glamour and just simplicity and modesty. Each incident narrated is a lesson taught by life.

The question paper set by life is unpredictable. Every one has to face the examination with or without preparation. No one can predict the questions we face in life. Life is such!

You meet a few who are wise and remaining who are otherwise!

ISBN: 81-86852-88-3

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  1. wowowow :) next book on my to-buy list :)

  2. me and books shall be parallel lines for a while ...too many exams...

  3. would like to get hold of the book.happy new year.

  4. "The question paper set by life is unpredictable."

    Very nice line!!

  5. nice review.:)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Have a nice day.:)

  6. hmm ...too many books to read :(

  7. Please suggest me a good library at the earliest.

  8. THanks for sharing.
    Inspired by you, I am planning to read the entire works by her.


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