Clean and tidy

Yesterday evening, I visited SP Road, one of the busiest street in Bangalore well-known for the electronic gadgets available for reasonable prices. In other words, you name it, they have it! Its narrow road and One way with people commuting at any hour of the day.

I wanted to buy 500gb HDD and was lurking to find a shop which would offer the best deal. In less than an hour, bought it for the best deal.

Meanwhile, my attention was caught by roadside vendor who was selling lassi, badam milk etc in a plastic tumblers. The lassi, milk was packed in a huge steel container inside a box on his cycle. To the huge box, a plastic cover was tied which was used as a dust bin.

I was amused by his wit. I appreciated him telling him that his idea was great and people didn't throw the used plastic tumblers on the road...and yes, I couldn't stop clicking this. :D

Though, he didn't have a dust bin, he had at least found a substitute. If each one of us contribute, we can have a clean and tidier place. Each of us can make a difference.

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  1. really nice of this guy. an individual effort. m too in blore :)

  2. We do it always when we go to outdoor picnics. We carry a large trash bag to dump the waste. If the dust bin is not in the reachable vicinity, people tend to throw it near a tree or in a gravel etc.

    Hope all do something like this.

  3. He is being a good citizen. Hope all of us learn a lesson from here.
    Btw, what was the best deal for the 500 gig HDD? internal or external? :)

  4. good one, i saw this time on ECR in Chennai...the picnickers have left so much of trash in those beautiful surroundings that it was a sore to the eyes:(

  5. Wah-wah! Manasa the rresponsible citizen!

    Good effort, re.. you should encourage this!

  6. very nice post and picture. cheers :)

  7. Now this is wht my kind of a businessman would be.
    Taking care of this surroundings.
    BTW what did the HDD cost you??
    Email me if the answer wants to remain non-bloggable.

  8. hard t0 find people like that ..
    andyeah how much did that cost u ???

  9. Kudos to the vendor. Even though less educated, he did great use of his brain when we well-educated brains simply dont care about those small things.

  10. Nidhi, Then, lets meet :)

    Reema, :)

    Vishesh, :)

  11. workhard, Efforts are always paid.

    Cuckoo, Nice initiative.

    myheadtrip, Bout it for Rs 3900. External HDD with power.

  12. Renu , Hope they start banning plastics as in China.

    Sudipta Chatterjee, Hope so.

    preeti , Thanks.

  13. Pinku, Yes, he is!

    Mampi, It cost me Rs 3900 :)

    arvind1187, Rs 3900. Wanna buy?

    Sekhar, Yes, he set an example to others.

  14. Dat was a smart thought indeed. but im sure even with such an option available, you wud have found some plastic glasses thrown randomly but some mindless freaks.


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