I have been consuming Homeopathy medicine for more than five years. Since my childhood, I had been suffering from frequent throat infections due to tonsillitis . As any other parents, my father took me to a doctor who would prescribe antibiotics as a dosage as required. But still, it wasn't of much use. Then, he would increase the dosage for 5,7 and 10 days to the max. Sometimes, the throat infection was so intense that in spite of taking antibiotics for 10 days would not bring down the pain due to the puss and I had a great difficulty in swallowing food, water or even saliva :( This made him give injections for 5 days to reduce the throat pain.

Later, I was advised to take Septilin, the medicine in green color which appears like gems. No use. For an year, I also consumed Ayurvedic medicine which was a powder mixed with honey which was yummy. Any medicine taken with honey is always tasty :D I loved this medicine though it didn't cure.

Six years ago, I underwent tonsillitis surgery. After a couple of months, I had frequent throat infections and I was fed up. A few acquaintance suggested Homeopathy medicine would cure throat infections. Small sugar balls are mixed with the medicine in solution and are given in the tiny bottles. After taking these medicines for a month or two, I was relieved of throat infection. Ever since then,  I have been taking only homeopathy medicine for cough, cold, fever....

After I came back from Udupi in May '08, I had ear infection with severe pain around my neck and ear due to Eustachian tube . This time, I took homeopathy medicine and was cured. But most of my friends and relatives had no belief in homeopathy and repeatedly insisted that I should have taken allopathic medicine and shouldn't rely on homeopathy in case of ears :| Though, I was cured, no one was ready to believe that I was cured and pestered me to visit a ENT specialist. I took an appointment and here I was:

Me: I was suffering with severe ear pain, last month. I took homeopathy medicine and no longer have any ear pain. I am able to hear perfectly.

Doctor: People still believe homeopathy can cure many diseases and don't turn up to us unless pestered.

Me: I have been taking homeopathy for years, now.

Doc: I do agree that it can cure diseases like piles, skin allergies and skin diseases.
[Carefully examines my nose, throat. Ear is examined with a help of a special torch and the vibrations of a tuning fork]
You have severe cold due to which had ear infection. Eustachian tube must be infected. Ears are perfectly fine and you don't have hearing problem.
[Explains about Eustachian tube which I didn't understand.]

Me: Even the homeopathy doctor told me that both my ears are fine and I need not worry.
 [Smile with glee :D]

Doc: Are you allergic to antibiotics?

Me: Yes.

Doc: [scribbles few medicines]

Me: Thank you, doctor [..and leaves the place]

Every medicine is based on trial and error. Few diseases in some stream can be cured instantly. It is baseless to detest Ayurveda, Homoepathy or Allopathy. But most people believe Ayurveda and Homeopathy are obsolete and so are the people who follow and preach it. :(

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  1. i can second the case of homeopathy - i was suffering from severe migraines and sometimes, i had to vomit to make me feel ok.. i took homeopath medicines for almost an ear and now migraine no longer pesters me... :)

    as you said, it is tough to make some people believe that tiny sugar balls can actually cure diseases...

  2. I am a staunch believer in Homeopathy, the only thing is most of the people go for homeopathy only when they are fed up of all other treatmeants and that makes it a little more dificult to cure. Plus i have seen that like allopathy, every homeopath doctor is not effective.

  3. I've been using homeopathy since birth and am a strong believer of it too!

    Those who do not understand their effect treat it the way like the doc did :)

  4. I am strong believer of homeopathy. Have had it since I was a kid. Have heard millions of such comments. Was going to write a post on this myself...someday :)
    It is just that we should find the right homeopath :D

  5. i agree with u.. we took quite some convincing before taking Homeopathy for Ishaan's infant allergy, but i was sick of steroids being pumped into such a small child that i took homeoathy in sheer disgust. Now i swear by Ayurveda and Homeopathy.

  6. oh i am a strong believer in homeopathy... my mom's shetica, migarine my vocal chord nodules, my son's reflux have all been cured because of it and me is currently taking it for gallstones...

  7. The best thing for Ear infection is the eardoc. With the Eardoc there relay inst any problem. as it is non invasive and it treats the problem and not the symptoms

  8. try gargling with salt water..it is the best(I too had that as a child and i know how much it aches,don't even want to think about)..now days even if i have a feeling that my throat is about to act up,I drink lots of hot water and maybe a light medicine like dolocold or waterburry's :)

  9. Homeopathy does cure a lot of ailments.

  10. Lot of people are turning to alternative medicine. The important thing is to find the right practitioner.

  11. Bless homoeopathy, my kids are saved the torture of antib's.

  12. Its matter of which one cures, whether or not it is Ayurveda, homeopathy or Allopathy.

  13. I just love homeopathy. I never use Allopathy, I got side-effect.

  14. my mom had lymphoma, which is a form of cancer, and she could not tolerate chemo or radiation therapy, so one of her friends asked her to take homeopathic medicine, after 5 years on homeopathy, she is free of cancer and no side effects, grace to God.

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