Passion and profession

As children, we have an ambition. When somebody questions, "What do you wanna become when you grow up?", we already have an answer at the tip of the tongue, "I want to become an engineer, singer, teacher.." At times, depending on various situations we are forced to choose a field which we dislike. After a couple of years, we realize what our true aim or ambition is. Getting a job with huge moolah count without satisfaction causes frustration and how long can one sustain without spending time on oneself?

Sometimes, though we want to choose our hobby as profession, "Will I be able to survive taking such a job? After all, pay is meagre.." We tend to opt a profession and the hobby aside. As time progresses, with confidence choose hobby as profession, "let come what may". I have met few people, who gave up their well paid jobs and chose their passion as profession. At first, I thought it was foolishness to do so. Later on, realized that it needs lot of thinking, guts to quit a white collar job. Initially, there are lot of hurdles. But without taking risk and facing odds, one can't climb the ladder. :)

An IIT engineer turned farmer:

You need will, to reach your way. :)

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  1. I have read about a guy named Senthilkumar who is a software engineer. He worked in Detroit and saved money. He has come back to India, settled in a small village called Thenoor in TN, spending his money for the betterment of the village setting up a hospital, computer centre, a girl's school. Dressed in very simple clothes, travelling by a bicycle owning a laptop, he says he has a lot of work left. He has been doing this since Jan 2005.
    I guess it is each one's calling also.
    Is it just risk and facing odds? Is courage enough? There are quite a lot of questions. Finally it is up to that person. Money does not give any satisfaction when one is only frustrated.
    It takes a lot to give up the moolah, it takes a helluva lot to follow a dream. Thing is one should have such a dream! Most people just put people down because they did not take up a professional course or do their masters. Right then, some dreams get crushed and they start following the beaten path to earn more to prove themselves! Vicious circle!
    Sorry about the long comment! :)

  2. when i took up medicine as a profession, actually i wanted to become a professional artist. Now art has become just a hobby.

    I wish, one day i can do more with my talents than what i am doing now.

    A good thought provocating post! :)

  3. But how many really know what they want to become?
    The ones who know, will be well on their way to get what they want..

  4. and the ones who don't, blog about the ones who do :D :P

  5. I always believed that...make your hobby ur profession , so that you dont have to work a day in life...and money always comes if one does sonething with passion, but if doesnt or not in the same reange, ebven then life is much more enjoyable that way.

  6. All I need is a principled, respectable man with good nature and sufficient income to support a family , and I'd quit my job and engage in teaching speech impaired or visually challenged people. The happiness I get in giving education to those who respect it is priceless. :)

  7. wow! now kids can say,ya get me the buffalo :D

  8. so so true! i think a person who KNOWS what his apssion is half way there and terribly lucky! i mean i have no clue what i really want to do! so i go along with whatever comes my way!

    nice post!

    and do we get to see ya in the new year?



  9. lovely post! you know what, you just keyed out my thoughts in the last few days :)

  10. i know a couple of ppl who have given up well paying jobs to follow their dreams and this lady who chucked her job as a CA to set up an NGO to educate underprivileged children...and she is doing a commendable job of it!

  11. Very nice post & Thanks for link. Hats off to those IITians.

    My personal believ is that... If you are not doing the thing you love or not in love with the thing you are doing... you will endup back to square one sooner or later.

  12. Now I want to be a farmer too....
    btw, i changed my higher paying job to a lower paying job too.
    I followed my heart.

  13. it requires great strength to take such a decision and great passion too!

  14. Felt the same after watching Rockon..
    Unfortunately, the next day i was back @ work...

  15. Really a good post.. not many have the guts to do what they think that is their passion as job including me..
    but someday I will quit and do something meaningful.

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  16. i left my full time marketing job to be a painter, and i am loving it,,,its a lot less stressful

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