Mobile phones have become an integral part of our day-to-day life. A couple of years ago, cell phones had antennas with black and white display, so called basic handset. Now-a-days, phones are not only used to make calls, they are more likely used to click instant pictures and listen to music or radio with camera and music player integrated. Adding to these, internet browsing, GPS are additional features.

At times, I think, a day may come when you can control washing machine, dishwasher or even microwave oven with your phone. :)

How about owning a phone which prepares coffee, serves the purpose as a shaver, a projector, harmonica. Pomegranate phone provides them. Go, check the fascinating phone here: http://www.pomegranatephone.com/

I wouldn't mind, if any of you gift it to me. :D

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  1. How I wish this was reality ;)

    But I simply loved the color!!

  2. hey..
    i dont have your email. looks like your contact form doesnt work. drop me your email so i can pass the link to soem goa snaps :)

  3. aisa bhi din aayega bachhe.
    any thing is possible. Human brain is complicated computer u see.
    hey gal pls remove the wrd verification from comment section. its difficult to post comments

  4. Quite impressive. My sister in law had sent me this last month, but I just found time now to have a look at it.

  5. I would love to have any phone gifted :P

  6. Sounds interesting and reminded of my college project which was about designing a single system that can control all the appliances in home..Well it was rejected in proposal stage as my project guide found it not feasible :). Wish someday they make it a reality and I will meet him to have the last laugh

  7. the link takes forever to open. And sorry, cant gift u that one..

  8. Loved it!

    I wouldn't mind if you set the trend by gifting it to me first :D

  9. That is interesting! And ya I wouldn't mind you gifting me that :P

  10. that looks so good... i want one :)

  11. I thought it could peel off the pomegranate and take out the juicy stuff inside.
    You disappoint me...


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