Merit still survives..!

Weekends are the only days when lazy people like me realize lot of household cleaning has to be done. In the process of cleaning, I do discover some old unused stuffs which I have retained for years and never had a thought of getting rid of them. Few books with missing pages, hand-made greeting cards received as a gift, fevicyrl paints almost dried, chocolate cartons, fountain pens bought more a decade ago especially for writing exams :) Well, these are the stuff I don't want to discard though they're of no use right now.

This morning, while browsing through old newspaper cuttings which I have turned yellow, I found this inspiring article published on July 14th, 2004, page 5, on Deccan Herald. When I re-read the article, I couldn't stop myself from clicking this and posting it here. :)

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      Merit Survives

It hurts to see few people who end their lives because they couldn't succeed getting a medical or an engineering seat on merit, while they fail to discover better alternative opportunities.

A few years ago, my maids son used to deliver milk packets and newspapers at doorsteps early morning supporting his family and studying in a evening college in the day; her daughter used to sell the flowers in the evening while she studied a government school in the day; thus working part-time fulfilling their dreams with struggle. An acquaintance of mine, took tuitions and taught little kids; thus sponsoring her under graduation studies when her family couldn't afford the fee.

These are the few inspiring stories which motivate us to shape our future with the opportunities rather than giving up the struggle. Remember, when a precious stone is given an appropriate cutting, the result is a shining diamond. How we shape, is left to us. :)

So.. never lose hope!

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In continuation with earlier post...

Doordarshan Logo

Doordarshan's Screensaver
Malgudi Days
Dekh Bhai Dekh
Mile Sur Mera Tumhara
Turning Point
Bharath Ek Khoj
Alif Laila
Byomkesh Bakshi
He Man

Salma Sultana DD News Reader
Vicco turmeric,
Nahin cosmetic
Vicco turmeric ayurvedic cream
Washin powder Nirma, Washing powder Nirma
Doodh si safedi, Nirma se aayi
Rangeen kapde bhi khil khil jaaye

Complan Boy(Shahid Kapoor) and Girl (Ayesha Takia)

Surabhi: Renuka Sahane and Siddharth Kak

Other few ones which I remember are: Arabian Nights, Chandrakantha, Jungle Book, Chitrahaar, Rangoli.....
Please add to the list if you remember any :)

PS: Malgudi Days episodes can be watched watched online.

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Survival of the fittest

Wishes to a friend on her first wedding anniversary who always cribbed after wedding.

"Congrats dear..! You survived one year of your marriage."

"Thanks, dear.. Hoping to survive one more year."

Listening to this, her husband nearly faints!

PS: Couldn't think of a title better than this. Suggestions for a better title in the comments are most invited.

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Origami paper work: Look what I did from paper, yesterday!
1. Heart Mail
Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination. ~Voltaire

2. Heart
At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet. ~Plato

PS: I am not a poet :)

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Alice in wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

This pic reminds me of Alice in Wonderland when somebody compliment the same. Inspired by this, I completed reading Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, which brought the memories of Doordarshan, cartoons, sundays, topsy turvy land, Alice's sister reading a book without any pictures, rabbit moving around with a tiny watch, you grow up 10 feet tall tall gulping some solution and turn into 10" tall by eating a cake. :)

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Q & A with me

Sneha tagged me.Here goes the set of questions along with answers:

1)What is your occupation?
Love to multi task at times. :)

2)What colour are your socks now?
Barefoot right now.

3)What are you listening to now?
Pink Floyd

4)What was the last thing you ate?
Garam garam samosa :D

5)Can you drive a stick shift?

6)Last person you spoke to on phone?
My school friend.

7)Do you like the person who sent you this?
Yup, though never met her.

8)How old are you today?
Don't want to say!

9)What is your favourite sport to watch on TV?
I don't watch sports.

10)What are your favourite drinks?
Bisi bisi kaapi (coffee) and green tea.

11)Have you ever dyed your hair?

12)Favourite food?

13)Last movie watched?
Broken arrow. Just watched it yesterday.

14)Favourite day of the year?
all 52 Sundays :D

15)How do you vent out your anger?

16)Favourite toy as a child?
A doll which would close its eyes when made to lie down.

17)Favourite season?

18)Do you want your friends to email you?
Of course.

19)When was the last time you cried?
Last year.

20)What is on the floor of your closet?

21)Who is the friend you have had the longest?
Too many.

22)What did you do last night?
Started reading White Tiger.

23)What are you most afraid of?
Layoffs and marriage. (same as stated by Sneha).

24)Plain,cheese or spicy hamburger?

25)Favourite dog breed?

26)Favorite day of the week?
Sunday :)

27)How many states have you lived in?
Only 1

28)Diamond or pearl?
Diamond and pearl :)

29)What is your wish for this new year?
Hope I have loads of work :)

30)New year resolutions?
Too many, too many.

I tag:

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