Alice in wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

This pic reminds me of Alice in Wonderland when somebody compliment the same. Inspired by this, I completed reading Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, which brought the memories of Doordarshan, cartoons, sundays, topsy turvy land, Alice's sister reading a book without any pictures, rabbit moving around with a tiny watch, you grow up 10 feet tall tall gulping some solution and turn into 10" tall by eating a cake. :)

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  1. this is actually my summer home :)."tresspassers are prosecuted"

  2. I am not able to see the pic,some problem btw my comp and flickr...

  3. Its so attractive. How would it be to live inside it.

  4. its so pretty... where is it? did u click the pic?

  5. super show na ..
    aah those wonderful days of jungle book ,alice in wonderland !! i want them back :(

  6. Did Steve Harvey copy the book title Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man

    and theme from an earlier book?

    Book with same title & theme copyrighted and published by Sharon P. Carson in 2003

    CHICAGO, IL – Sharon P. Carson the author of the original title: Act Like A Lady –Think Like A Man, watched the February 27th episode of the Ophra show on which Steve Harvey was promoting his book of the same title. She was hoping that Steve would reveal to Oprah where he got the title and the theme for the book. It just seemed odd to her that his book had the same title and theme as her book that was copy written in 2003.

    Upon subsequently purchasing the book, she found some interesting parallels and realized that it is not unusual for a high profiled person to take a great title and theme, rewrite a book and use their celebrity status to sell it. This she says happens too often to the unsung poets, authors and entrepreneurs of the world.

    Steve wrote in his book that his hope was to “empower you with a wide-open look into the minds of men”. Sharon P. Carson wrote in her book in 2003 that her hope was for women to gain some insight into how men think in terms of relationships. Sharon also noted that in chapter 8 of Steve Harvey’s book titled “Why Men Cheat” he came to the same conclusion that she did in chapter 37 of her book, titled “Why would a man cheat”, and the answer was, “because they can”.

    Sharon actively promoted her book before the release in January 2009 of Steve Harvey’s book, and would not like to see her promotion efforts hindered. She feels that her book has much to offer from a woman’s perspective and seeks to empower women to practice self love and tough love in relationships.

    Before the publication of Steve Harvey’s book of the same title, Sharon bought the domain name: from which she has been selling her book. She has also held seminars with women at a Chicago University in promotion of her book, and can be viewed on the following youtube clip as she was being interviewed on a cable television program about her book in 2007

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