Merit still survives..!

Weekends are the only days when lazy people like me realize lot of household cleaning has to be done. In the process of cleaning, I do discover some old unused stuffs which I have retained for years and never had a thought of getting rid of them. Few books with missing pages, hand-made greeting cards received as a gift, fevicyrl paints almost dried, chocolate cartons, fountain pens bought more a decade ago especially for writing exams :) Well, these are the stuff I don't want to discard though they're of no use right now.

This morning, while browsing through old newspaper cuttings which I have turned yellow, I found this inspiring article published on July 14th, 2004, page 5, on Deccan Herald. When I re-read the article, I couldn't stop myself from clicking this and posting it here. :)

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      Merit Survives

It hurts to see few people who end their lives because they couldn't succeed getting a medical or an engineering seat on merit, while they fail to discover better alternative opportunities.

A few years ago, my maids son used to deliver milk packets and newspapers at doorsteps early morning supporting his family and studying in a evening college in the day; her daughter used to sell the flowers in the evening while she studied a government school in the day; thus working part-time fulfilling their dreams with struggle. An acquaintance of mine, took tuitions and taught little kids; thus sponsoring her under graduation studies when her family couldn't afford the fee.

These are the few inspiring stories which motivate us to shape our future with the opportunities rather than giving up the struggle. Remember, when a precious stone is given an appropriate cutting, the result is a shining diamond. How we shape, is left to us. :)

So.. never lose hope!

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  1. I wonder where Sriharsha is these days..!

  2. I so agree. But kids have been programmed to believe that they will be destroyed if they dont do well academically .... its a vicious circle

  3. such a nice post !, I believe in completely.

  4. yup! what matters is never losing hope and keep the belief in oneself... easy to say, but very hard to do... :|

  5. yeah!! but not to lose hope in a hopeless situation is quite difficult and saying this when we are not in the shoes of the others is easy.

    We might react probably in the same or similar way if in the same spot. Probably!!

  6. oh i agree... i really think that these days, children and adults just give up too soon..

    Am not just saying this because i have never been in their shoes. These people see the same hardships that we have been thru, and give up rather easily.

  7. Do you know the ways and means how we can help this guy by contributing some money?

  8. These are the people who can truly inspire us.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Rightly said! The sense of satisfaction we get by acheiving something after struggle and lot of patience....nothing beats that! I pity on those who lose hope, commit suicide and ultimately lose the chance of going through this "feeling of satisfaction"!!...Manoj

  10. Shachi, Same thought hit me.

    Reema Yes, very much!

    Phoenixritu, That's why parents burden kids a lot these days :(

  11. Renu, Glad you liked it.

    --xh--, Agree with you. Easy to say n had to implement. Very few who do it, succeed. :)

  12. Sakhi, At least, it inspires us to do what we want. The first step towards success.

    How do we know, Yeah, right.

  13. vishesh, :)

    ~nm, Never found about this guy after this article. But we can help other struggling students like him.

  14. Cuckoo, :)

    manojw, Second your thought.

  15. Well said...Could relate to every word.


  16. I think it is more important to know better than to fare better.


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