Survival of the fittest

Wishes to a friend on her first wedding anniversary who always cribbed after wedding.

"Congrats dear..! You survived one year of your marriage."

"Thanks, dear.. Hoping to survive one more year."

Listening to this, her husband nearly faints!

PS: Couldn't think of a title better than this. Suggestions for a better title in the comments are most invited.

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  1. :D :D loved this. You will understand this phrase once you get married!! :D :D

    a hug to your friend :)

  2. ha ha ha... tell her that ppl who are in prison find it easy to accept their fate after a while.. she will learn to live in the marriage too. ;-)

  3. No comments.
    Call Darwin Uncle Toll free.

  4. myheadtrip, Might be ;)

    --xh--, :)

    Sakhi, heheh

    Monika, :)

  5. vishesh, :)

    How do we know, Based on experience, huh?

    Nidhi, :)

    Mampi, lol


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