Bigthinkers India Series

Yahoo! , a major internet service company, is organising Bigthinkers India Series.

The events are:
1. Hard science problems at the core of web search 
   Prabhakar Raghavan, Head of Yahoo! Labs.

2. The Automated Economy 

   David Pennock, Principal Research Scientist at Yahoo! Research.

3. Sociotechnical Design and Engineering: Putting People First 

   Elizabeth F Churchill, Principal Research Scientist at Yahoo! Research.

4. Mythbusting in the Online World 

   John Morgan, Principal Research Scientist, Yahoo! Research.

If you are interested, register here:

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  1. Hey one of my friend from my PU college is the organizer. Are you participating in this? We could meet up there if you are :)

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  3. { oops! Sorry for that...that was my bro's and my joint account ;) }

    So I was saying... I don't have company also...wot say? :)

  4. Aksy, Will try to make it. Can't assure, though. We can meet, anyways. :)


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