Current state of my mind

Worked up -- missing sleep -- commands in my dreamz -- working on weekend -- no time to update/read blogs....

I realize....I need a long vacation...! Don't know, when!

Anybody else in the same state???

PS: I haven't been able to read all the blog updates. I shall do it soon. :)

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  1. me too...can actually raise two hands there

  2. ha ha ha.. hope this phase ends soon, and we find you around!

  3. i know.. its a crazy phase. i ve been there :-(
    its just as crazy when your neck aches to view the monitor and index finger itches to no click the mouse ... :P

  4. I am busy ..i need a vacation too :D

  5. not into computers, so no commands appearing in dreams here. it is only a lot many words dancing and singing in my dreams. only when i wake up, they start to tell me, mampi finish ur deadlines or we finish you.


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