Tell me, frankly

Its exactly twenty-one days I have been away from this personal space. Not only away from blogger, but also from flickr, twitter and what not! In fact, it was difficult for me to recollect my password ;) I have tons to pen down with so much happening in both personal and professional life.

An incident so happened recently, made me think: "Is it wrong to be frank? It it a mistake to be what you are? It is a fault to let others know when you are not comfortable, your views?" I am unable to understand why one has to change oneself for other's sake and impress anyone? Whenever a well acquainted person tries to give gyan how I should be, I feel like yelling, "If you have a problem the way I lead my life, go end yours..!"

Is it a mistake to be frank to speak out frank? What's your take on this?

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