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Its exactly twenty-one days I have been away from this personal space. Not only away from blogger, but also from flickr, twitter and what not! In fact, it was difficult for me to recollect my password ;) I have tons to pen down with so much happening in both personal and professional life.

An incident so happened recently, made me think: "Is it wrong to be frank? It it a mistake to be what you are? It is a fault to let others know when you are not comfortable, your views?" I am unable to understand why one has to change oneself for other's sake and impress anyone? Whenever a well acquainted person tries to give gyan how I should be, I feel like yelling, "If you have a problem the way I lead my life, go end yours..!"

Is it a mistake to be frank to speak out frank? What's your take on this?

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  1. you can be frank, but not at cost of hurting urslf. at times someone gives so much pain that we feel like using blunt wrds. we cant help it. we r human.
    if love doesnt wrk let the devil's action wrk.
    but try to be nice.
    and with guys toh bhuljao. be franka nd good and they will be droolin over u . bachke hi rehna.

  2. c'mon girl, you dont have to take those things to the heart ...
    rather, if they are really well acquainted, tell them the exact same words

  3. No, being frank is not bad at all... and people who give gyan are doing it because most of the times they are either not satisfied with their lives or can't do anything to change their own lives. If you are happy and not hurting any one, its purely your own business how and what you do with your life! :)

  4. Well lady, three things:

    1. Be frank with your approach and what you want to say, with a touch of boldness (not to be mistaken for rudeness, they are two very different things). It's essential to be frank about what you want.

    2. If someone irrelevant is trying to give you gyan, don't give two hoots to what they say. If your family or well-wishers are trying to give you a piece of advice and if you shut out your ears, usually there's always a loss (on your side) associated with it. Sometimes when things are going wrong, you aren't in a position to judge whether it's right or wrong. So if you believe in yourself, it may turn out to be a good thing or you might land up with a straight 'THUD!!!' on your face... so always judge by the weight of the advice. Truth hurts sometimes :)

    3. Irritation is usually because of bottled up feelings. Either it's because you aren't true to yourself with a decision or because you're forced to think by someone else's perspective. As Sigmund Freud suggested, we tend to neglect the obvious, until it's forcefully hurts your ego.

    So just relax, trust yourself, be open to other's views and be happy. :)

    (psst...on a lighter note, if it's a guy who's troubling your or pushing your patience over the edge, just ignore him. Not all the guys are worthy of attention or time :) )

  5. I love this juxtaposition in ur post - you want to be frank to other people irrespective of whether it hurts them or not, and you want people to be sensitive to your feelings while telling you what is "truth" to them.. we all think that way...

    personally, i get into trouble a lot of times bcs of being so outspoken. However, when it comes to gyan, i read as a child "Do not dismiss a good idea simply bcs you dont like the source." so, irrespective of who is giving the gyan, i do give it a ear. If its not sth that makes sense, i let it go. Otherwise, i try and do sth about it.

  6. Addendum: That comment was not by way of Gyan to you.. just a response to your question - "Whats your take on this?" my answer - while talking, i AM honest, and while listening..

  7. well.. it depends..
    Sometimes you tend to say things later you wish you hadn't..

  8. be wat you are, be your own favorite, be prou to be the Manasa you are and let people accept you the way you are. Never stoop down or change for anyone or anything, because that change will not be from your soul, it will be from your brains, and one day, true Manasa will surface. cheers :):)

  9. It is not wrong to be honest and frank, but sometimes there is only a thin line bordering between frankness and cruelty. And some truths are so naked that one would want to cover them up at least a little bit.
    It depends on how nice you want to be as a person. Nobody is perfect. So what does one achieve by pointing out faults because the person may be well aware of it.
    The world just becomes a nice place if a little kindness goes around.

  10. I totally agree with Aksy's comment.


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