Compy's competitor

Last October, Compy turned five. Being in a state of dilemma to upgrade to a laptop or not, I decided to go for a laptop ditching my earlier desktop. ;) Now, the latter part was to decide the so called brand. Comparing Dell XPS, HP pavillion and Sony Vaio, I couldn't stop myself grabbing the Sangria Red Vaio. :D

My friend, N~, was very kind to buy it from US of A, as soon as I informed her the model no. Last Sunday, I got it and haven't explored much features yet.

Oh, yes, looks alluring, is it not? ;)

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  1. hmm.. expected these pics a little earlier... goood.. congratulations on your prized pocession.. :)

  2. Vaio is cool Manasa :)
    And how are you.. I am visiting your space after long time :) hope you are doing good :)

  3. Looks very beautiful :).kothi kaialli manickya annodhu ide :P


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