Last week, in order to promote cycling to office and reduce the environmental pollution as well as traffic jams; few of stalls with imported cycles like Firefox, trek, Bianchi, Cannondale provided trials. This was the first time, I ever peddled a 8 * 3 = 24 geared cycle. :D Apart from these, the most attractive was this fold able cycle from Strida with small tires. Most wonderful aspect of this bike is that; it can be folded. :) It can fit into any car and one can commute without the fear of losing at parking.

Bike Weight: 10 kgs
Frame: 7000 Series Aluminum
Drive Train:Kevlar Greaseless Belt Drive (up to 50,000 miles)
Wheels: Alloy 16" Rim
Brakes: Disc Brakes
Speeds: Single Speed
Folded Size: 45" x 20" x 9"(114cm x 51cm x 23cm)
Grip: Gel
Bottom Bracket: Welded
Luggage Rack: Plastic or Alloy new option
Weight Limit: 100 kgs
Height Limit: 153cm – 193cm

Image Courtesy: Strida website

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  1. it's really cool Manasa... :)
    how much it costs ??

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