An year ago, impressed by the new features of Nokia E-series phones, I bought E-51, after my return from Udupi . While I explored helluva features of the phone and addicted to GPRS just because this phone supported features innumerable, though I missed out many features like WLAN, Skype and others. Accidentally, I dropped my phone in water this Feb. :'(

Approaching Nokia Care turned futile as they confirmed that the phone cannot be repaired since the motherboard had completely conked off. Though, I wanted to buy the same phone, Nokia had stopped the production. With a heavy heart and little money, I had no other go rather than opting for Xpressmusic edition.

More in next post. ;)

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  1. I still stikc to the child version of 1100 :):) safe for rough handlers and shakers like me :):)

  2. oh i have had horrid exp my nokia...

  3. don't use nokia but hubby does and its the best.. or so he keeps telling me ;) :)

  4. I m also thinking of buying an E series mobile. How is it?

  5. preeti, hehe.. Yep, right.

    Monika, huh? Which one are you using now?

    Sakhi, Yeah, battery backup is definitely good.

    Reema, E-series is good, its mainly a business phone.


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