Advice given by right people!

After I published this post, I emailed both my friend and his mother, who is also a good friend of mine. Though, my friend was unaware of the fact that I had emailed it to his mother and she also liked it. ;) Most of the people who read this not only loved it but also acknowledged that its the same case with them, too.

Here goes the conversation with my friends mother who also liked it. :)

me: hello aunty

She: Hi Manasa
I was just reading your blog

me: :)
any guesses whom I was chatting to? ;)

She: Probably my son

me: hehhe
yeah :)

She: I can guess his lopsided answers
though I havent read the whole of it

me: you know, he asked me to find a gal for him

She: Are u doing so?

me: am trying my best, aunty

She: Hope all your endeavour fructifies

me: even you must be finding a gal for him

She: :)

me: what did he say ?

She: Yea frantically

me: :)
so what kinda gal does he want ?

She: He is still waiting to meet the right person personally before giving his consent

me: mm
and when will that day come ?

She: Why dont u ask him?

me: aunty, did you read the whole post ?

She: not yet

me: i have been asking him... every time he says--you search for me
aakhir tu meri kab kaam aayegi

She: :)
and why should the search not be mutual, for each other?

me: mmm

She: Now I wish to read the whole post before I go for other works

me: sure aunty

She: ok then All the best

me: all the best for what ?

She: for the anticipated effort to be put in by both of you regarding the search.

me: heheheh

She: I shall read the whole of it and let u know later.

me: aunty, read it now

She: ok
Shall get back to you

She: Oh Manasa You have simply reproduced all the basic chats between us-- mother & son

me: is it ?

She: Probably the with mother & son; daughter as well

me: but its the common thing which all parents advice their kids

She: Yes right
and when you grow up I'm sure your sentiments will not be very different
unless you are ultra modern & believe in giving full freedom to children without parents inter fering in matters of matrimony

me: :)
how did you like this post ?

She: wonderful!
when we speak we never realise we sound so nagging/dominating/irritating.

me: mmm
but when I imagine myself in my parents position

She: but caring no doubt

me: I do sometimes feel that after they're gone
there would be no one bothering to ask us if we ate at proper time
no one to bother

She: True . It is our love and bondage that makes relationships so meaningful andcompulsive

me: yeah..
now we are young
parents will care
after a decade
even to have a cup of coffee alone
its too boring

I mean you hardly find anyone who wants to share your emotions and sentiments

She: It is the vaccum created by parents that can be filled up by the spouse

me: exactly
and thats what parents try to convince us
which we find "IRRITATING"

She: and later your idea may change and you might not find it irritating any more

me: heheh
now a days
I no longer find the marriage topic irritating

She: :)

me: aunty, can I publish our chat on my blog ?

She: You sure can.

me: am glad you liked that post :)

She: :)

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