Advices at right age!

"The only thing to do with good advice is pass it on. It is never any use to oneself."
~Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900)

Advices are given for free at all time by everyone (even without you demanding!!!) especially if you attain a marriageable age! People who had forgotten your existence are suddenly reminded of you once you are of "right age". Most All parents express their concern and try to convince sons/daughters esp if you're of "right age". ;)

A conversion with a friend 'bout how parents crib when children attain marriageable age. I want to publish apart of our conversation here. My friends identity has been maintained anonymous. Few translations are given in [ ]

me: sure
but you'll have to walk down here :)

He: theek hai.. but once I come to B'lore, you owe me a big treat

me: deal :)
meri shaadi ke liye aa jaao
[ You walk down for my wedding]
u get pucca south indian khana to eat :)

He: yeah that is a time I wish to be there
but let me know when the dates are planned
I'll try to drop by

me: hehe
pehle ladke ko dhoond na hai
[ First, the groom has be searched ]

He: err... you might try looking for a girl as well ;)

me: girl? :-?
i should be searching a gal for u :P

He: yeah you're welcome to do that

me: thats what u asked me to do :P
arre, par apni list to do!
[ First, give me your list ]
ladki mein kya qualities honi chahiye
[ What qualities do you expect in a gal? ]

He: I think I already gave you, remember?
that post called zaroorat hai

me: accha [ ok ]
phir se pad loongi :)
[ I shall read again ]
but what did aunty say?

He: heheh... the usual

me: arre, wohi to bataao :)
[ Tell that ]

He: tell me... what do you think she might have told me

me: arre, this is the right age beta
shaadi kar le
[ Get married ]
ghar mein biwi aayegi to, tumhe acche khana khilayegi
[ If your marry, your wife will prepare good food for you ]
aur, tum bhi kitne dino tak akhele pret atma ki thara har jagah ghoomoge
[ How long will you roam alone like this? ]
many guys of ur age are almost married and having kids too
tu kab shadi karage?
[ When will you marry? ]
hamare kandonka bhoj bhi halka ho jayega
[ Our burden will also reduce ]
she must've told you all these, right? ;)

He: ossum... looks like all women think alike
besides, there was a very important question you missed
what kind of a girl do you want

me: ummm
i know
u must've given all ur specs
later they try to convince u
u will not get the gal with 100% qualities u expect... etc...
life mein adjust karni padti hai
[ You gotcha adjust in life ]
arre bhai, my mom n dad also tell me the same
not only my mom n dad, guess when children attain marriable age, they behave the same -- cribbing
when gals don't get married by 24 or 25, they feel we're getting aged

He: :)

me: guess, aunty might have told the same--right age for wedding ;)

He: yep

"Never advise anyone to go to war or to marry."
~Spanish Proverb.

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