Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi

One of my favourite Gazal: Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi - Jagjit Singh.

Artist: Jagjit Singh
Album: Mirza Ghalib

hazaaron Khvaahishen aisii ki har Khvaaish pe dam nikale
bahut nikale mere armaaN lekin phir bhii kam nikale

nikalanaa Khuld se aadam kaa sunate aaye hain lekin
bahut beaabaruu hokar tere kuuche se ham nikale

muhabbat men nahiin hai farq jiine aur marane kaa
usii ko dekh kar jiite hain jis kaafir pe dam nikale

Khudaa ke vaaste pardaa na kaabe se uThaa zaalim
Kahiin aisaa na ho yaaN bhii vahii kaafir sanam nikale

KahaaN maiKhaane ka daravaazaa 'Ghalib' aur kahaaN vaaiz
par itanaa jaanate hain kal vo jaataa thaa ke ham nikale

Click below to listen to the song:


Thousands of desires, each worth dying for...
Many of them I have realized...yet I yearn for more...

We have heard about the dismissal of Adam from Heaven
With more humiliation, I am leaving the street on which you live...

When in love, there is little difference between life and death
we live by looking at the infidel for whom we are willing to die

For god's sake, don't lift the cover off any secrets you tyrant
the infidel might turn out to be my lover!

The preacher and the bar's entrance are way apart
yet I saw him entering the bar as I was leaving!

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  1. This is one of my favorites too. The first 2 lines sum up perhaps each person's life's struggle. Its all about never ending of desires.

    The version in the album is a short version of the original which I guess you know. You have missed out the transliteration of the lines "But if someone wants to write her a letter...." which is the 3rd stanza in your translation.

    The transliteration goes like this:
    Magar likhvaye koi usko khat, to humse likhvaye.
    Hui subha aur ghar se, kan par rakh kar kalam nikle..

  2. Why do you like this song so much...any special reason?

    I am making my blog pvt to users...hence I wrote that I'll be removing the scholarship post from it before I make it pvt.... :)

  3. Aksy, Invite me to your blog. Like this song cos there's struggle at every step towards fulfuling our wish.

  4. Gimme your mail id ... I'll invite you.

  5. My fav also... but u should listen to the other one's from this album - GHALIB.


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