After exploring all the features like music, movie, games, contacts except podcasts, on my iPod Classic which I own with pride for the past 1.6 years and despite weird experience at Apple Showroom; I have begun to use my iPod extensively day-to-day after discovering a new feature of reading ebooks on the tiny screen. :) This post was lying as a draft past an year, until I realised that I should publish it; having seen the Amazon Kindle 2. iPod is none the less.

If you belong to this category of reader who finds hard to carry bulky 1000 page novel or who tends to lose books after lending them; then iPod Notes serves you the best.

Notes folder allows the user to save any text file of the size 4kb only. If you store any text file (.txt extension) more than 4kb, then the remaining text is lost. Hence, you ought to divide the ebook into several files of 4kb and save them in a subdirectory under the Notes folder.

If the file size of the ebook: Freakonomics is 311kb, then it is divided in such a way that each file does not exceed 4kb. The website: ebookhood does the process of dividing each ebook into 4kb with suitable ordered numbering.
  1. Upload an ebook to ebookhood.
  2. Download .zip file to your HDD.
  3. Extract all the .zip files to Notes folder in your iPod.

Snapshot is shown below: Click on the image to enlarge.
And.. enjoy reading. The other advantages is bookmarking since each file is numbered and easier to carry iPod while travelling.   

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  1. This is a nice piece of information.
    Thanks for sharing.:)

  2. I've wanted one of these for ages now. Is it compatible with Pdf files and word documents ?? Are there any highlight features?


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