A couple of years ago, no one knew what a blog was. Surfing the net was just confined to emailing, uploading photos, chatting and googling. Very few people would use Yahoo! geocities or host their websites. I was new to blogging and so was to writing. Never ever try to read the initial posts, here! You can call them, perfect definition of 'crap'. Initially, I would pester each and every acquaintance to read my blog and let me know how good I was at writing and the flow of the article. Most of them gave genuine answer and would read on regular basis; and a few who never had a habit of reading would say it was good and forget. And we never spoke about it, again. A good old school friend belonged to this category who never ever bothered to read a newspaper except the headlines. ;) It was after a very long time we spoke and casually, I gave the link to my blog and the reaction: 

Friend: You into all these?
Me: Yes! Why are you so shocked?
Friend: Nothing! Wondering, how come you are into such jobless stuffs like blogging *rolling eyes*
Me: It does not mean you're jobless if you have an online space.
Friend: Huh?
Me: Imagine reading the same after a decade. It would remind you of the smallest forgotten incident which made you laugh, cry or even moved.
Friend: Whatever it is! Only jobless ones blog and am not reading such junk.
Me: Someday, when you're jobless; you will read for sure ;)

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  1. ha ha i know lot of people still thing like that

  2. Now thats one smart gentleman! I say you should print out each blog post of yours and mail one to him every day. :P

  3. couple of years ago!?
    Geocities seems like a decade old thing!

  4. hahaha, that was a smart answer you gave.

  5. "I would pester each and every acquaintance to read my blog and let me know how good I was at writing"...
    ha ha... that was me when i started off too....

  6. Why bother people to read about what you ate for breakfast? Unless you have a opinion on something that matters to a broader spectrum of people, keep your posts to yourself.


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