Drafted: June 9th.

I got an opportunity to try the to be launched during Nokia N97 Bloggers Meetup. Axel Myer, Head of Design at Nokia, shared his experiences in designing and embedding many new features unlike the other N series.

In the pic below:Axel Meyer

Key features compared to other N series:
  • N97 supports both touch screen and QWERTY keyboard in which there is enough spacing between the keys providing a faster typing speed.
  • Phone which extensively supports GPRS and GPS.
  • Built in memory 32gb (This sounds great!!).
  • Also supports TV out.
  • 5mp camera with Carl Zeiss optics.
  • Wider screen for better video viewing.
Few pics from my camera:

Wondering if anyone would opt for Netbook after N97 is lauched. Watch interactive demo of the phone: here

***Currently priced at 35,000 INR.

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  1. my phone( now just have to get those stupid marks and hope my dad gets me this phone ;) )

  2. Aww.. these product launches and blogger meets..
    when will think kind of marketing end?!


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