Sadness is always the legacy of the past; regrets are pains of the memory

In continuation with my previous post.... An incident occurred at my workplace that made most of them giggle. One of my teammate is always a scapegoat. :) 

V~ was undergoing initial training and flunked his exam couple of times. Since this was the first time he ever flunked, he was frustrated and depressed. Another R~, tried to console V~ in this regard suggested him to drink to come out of sadness. Reluctant V~, for the first time tasted alcohol which was also the last time he ever touched. 

V~ had asked R~: "baada povalante em chayaali" (in Telugu: "what do you do when you're sad?").

Hence, this survey was done! Most of them drink when they're sad, few listen to music, few cry, sleep.....

Till date, all of us tease V~: "What did you do this time?" :)    

Tobacco and alcohol, delicious fathers of abiding friendships and fertile reveries. 
 ~Luis Buñuel

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  1. When I'm Sad, I will sleep for long hours. Try to go out and do something that makes me happy, shop for something.

  2. I search for someone..:P and if no one is available, I try to use it to inspire me to write something good. Believe me, melancholy is the greatest muse.

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  4. Bad habits are easy to cultivate, than good ones. I have seen some people turning to spirituality for answers. They don't get into this web called maya, in this materialistic world. They are living very happily and hence, they are growing to be extremely strong personalities. Take Obama for example.

    Smoking, drinking and drugs are for the weak. I have seen them making a person weaker with time. Not everybody has a mentor to guide people the right way. That's the sad reality. Sigh!

  5. Depression often looks different in men and women, and in young people and older adults. An awareness of these differences helps ensure that the problem is recognized and treated.
    While some depressed teens appear sad, others do not. In fact, irritability—rather than depression—is frequently the predominant symptom in depressed adolescents and teens. A depressed teenager may be hostile, grumpy, or easily lose his or her temper. Unexplained aches and pains are also common symptoms of depression in young people.

  6. I talk to someone who can relieve me off my worries and also cry at the same time....


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