2 guys wedding

October and November were great seasons for celebration. Be it festival or wedding or a house warming ceremony. Two of my close friends (guys) got married whom I have known for decade. Choosing gifts especially if your friend is a guy is a difficult task. I had to ask many of my other friends what to gift a guy during a wedding. 

Me: hey... 2 of my close friends (both guys) are marrying next week. What do I gift them?
He: Is it legal?
Me: What? *Confused* 
       Argh... I meant 2 guys are marrying 2 different gals... not each other.
He: :)

I realized how wrong I was while communicating to them. The two guys were marrying gals. Next time you hear two guys are marrying, don't think that they're marrying each other. :P

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  1. Juhi, Glad you liked :)

    Sakhi, heheh.. yep.. kinda..

  2. Everybody wants a great photography with creativity especially on the day of wedding,
    because wedding is a special moment of everyone's life. Cant wait to see this unique wedding!! ;)


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