Amazing effects. Shown that the life would end either by earth quakes or Tsunami waves and only spaceship could few human beings. :| I am wondering, how couldn't they find any other reasons for the end of life like comet hitting the Earth at a single sweep. :P

Watch this movie on a big screen and feel the shiver with chill pepsi in your hand. ;)

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  1. comet or meteorite hitting earth is lame. we've already seen in 'Armageddon' or 'deep impact'.
    Tsunamis or earthquakes happen in the movie as a result of earth changing its axis. Which is in the popular culture of 2012 doomsday conspiracy.
    Enjoy your life to the brim, End days are here!!

  2. i havent seen it yet! will watch it soon

  3. Iam the only one in my family who hasnt seen it:(

  4. Watched it in chennai...while i was waiting for my visa to be issued.... It's a good one time watch, but I didn't like the bollywood twist in the movie where the pilot dies...that was a brazen move, which was totally un-called for.

  5. satishds, oh.. is that so :P

    Reema, Sure.. do watch..

  6. Renu, Come to blr, shall watch it together.

    Aksy, All movies are so..


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