Click card

Chocolates, cakes, cookies and toffees become an integral part of snacks as kids though we hate eating lunch or dinner on time. Once we see the neighboring kid sticking out his tongue on an ice cream, "I want the same ice cream", we cry. More than a decade ago, Cofitos, a toffee which gave away the "Click Cards" on purchasing a pack of 10 cofitos. A classmate of mine bought it and started playing with the click card with others placing thumb on the tiny magnetic hearts on the card. The tiny heart changed the color for few seconds and we would turn the card to check what the color match meant. Soon, the whole class bought the cofitos just for the sake of click card and playing around. :D

Watch the funny advertisement here: ;)

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  1. ha ha ha, the kiddo faith in all these stuff...

  2. i never knew about way to advertise or say promote the product

  3. Shachi, heheh.. i still preserve 'em :P

    Sweet Addiction, :) True.

  4. Yes, it was rage at that time, I still remember myself running to shopkeeper with ten wrappers of cofitos :D


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