Vodafone Recharge

Online prepaid recharges have made life easy allowing prepaid mobile users to recharge for a denomination via internet banking without the necessity of going to the nearest shop and tendering exact changes. On Nov 27th, 10pm, for the first time I glanced the latest vodafone website to recharge my friend's mobile. After the transaction was successful, I recharged my mother prepaid mobile for Rs 251. Having received an email for recharge completion, I was longing for an sms on the phone. At 11pm, I hadn't received any sms. I checked the screenshot of the transaction and to my surprise the last three digits were interchanged! Typo... I wrote an email to the customer care immediately stating the transaction number and reference number obliging them to revert back the recharge amount to the correct number.

I called up the customer care at 11pm. To my disappointment, I was told that the money couldn't be reverted back since it was done online. It could have been reverted if I had recharged through a dealer. The next day, I called up the "wrong no" several times thinking if the person is good, he/she would recharge my phone for the same amount. But their phone was switched off for almost five days. On the sixth day, I didn't call them thinking that it was no use calling up again. To my surprise, I received an email from Vodafone customer care stating that the money has been reverted back to the correct number. As transaction fee, Rs 26 was charged. I was happy to see the email and yes, the money was credited.

Vodafone, thanks for your service. :)

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  1. wah... time is really changing!! :D

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