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Ever since I have bought my camera, I have always been addicted to shutter clicks. Initially, I was not much into people or portrait photography. But now, I am more inclined to street, portrait and wedding photography. Family functions, school and college get together, team outings at office: these are the times I never miss my camera to capture few wonderful lifetime moments. Few photographs with smiling faces have horns behind too. ;) Wedding in the traditional way of friends/cousins are the moments which have loads of rituals and can be documented. Most of the rituals and chantings are the same in Hindu weddings. 

Here are few snaps I clicked during my friends wedding. The photos of couples have not been uploaded. :)

Traditional Mangalorian wedding: Bride's palms

Traditional Gujarati Wedding: Bride's parents washing brides feet.

Few more photos of traditional Kannada wedding can be found here:

More to come....

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  1. Cool! :) The bride's feet looks so delicate and beautiful!

  2. Sakhi, Thanks :)

    Devon wedding photographer, Glad you liked 'em. Keep visiting.

    Anu, Thanks :)

  3. came back after a long time today..i must say
    u've taken some very pretty pics...and ur friend has such pretty feet!!! and her henna has got just the right tell her i said so!

  4. Mandira, Welcome aboard. Thanks for the compliments. :)

  5. Really fantastic wedding pics. I love the second most. That brides hands and feet looking so pretty and also the design of Mehndi.

  6. Your work is fantastic..really nice capturing of photos.

  7. Very nice blog, pictures are so beautiful.My wedding photographer Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer also did a fantastic job

  8. now what is better than this!?!?! I like bride feet and her mehndi design.. Great shoot!

  9. I luvvv clicking and seeing wedding pics too :)
    Husband like shooting the nature, while my interest lies more in people :)

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