I had been longing to write this post on my progress during the year 2009. There wasn't much I could achieve as the year brought in more frustrations.

Switching to two different entirely domains in Jan and July. I cribbing become intolerable during the last 3-4 months. Now I am back to the domain I worked earlier. :)
I could read only 8 books this year though I had a target of completing at least 25.
My resolution for 2009 was to quit eating the cake containing cake was accomplished. Even if you get a black forest which was my favorite, I wouldn't even touch it nor my mouth would water. ;)
Travelling was zero. Didn't get any chance to step out of concrete jungle. :((
Watched loads of plays at RangaShankara and movies at Malls.
Visited Amoeba for bowling with team and Blossoms Book House for the very first time. :D  
Few of school and college friends married, few had new ones entering their families.
Haven't clicked a single good photograph but got on opportunity to showcase my photo at CKP. :)
Learned to drive a car though I don't own any.
Lost my old phone and bought a laptop.
At last, didn't blog nor read others blog religiously.
Oh, yeah... made loads of friends :D

The list of resolutions continue this year, too... Keep watching this space.

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  1. Resolutions are never meant to be fulfilled anyways! Duhh...

    Looking at that list above, I think, JOB Well Done! Congrats and Move on! :)

    Have a rockin' new year! :)

  2. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new Year !!!..Resolutions are our first step towards right side:)..rest is upto God..so all the best !!!

  3. Happy New Year to you. I know many are gratefully saying goodbye to 2009 and welcoming in 2010.
    Oh no, don't deprive yourself of such yummy cake - instead just make cut backs. =) Much easier and much more fun.

  4. Interesting resolutions. Happy and prosperous New Year!
    Best wishes.:)

  5. Great , atleast you remember all and accomplished few. Looking forward to know you better via blog , loved meeting you that day


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