Dollar Bahu

Dollar Bahu

A story of a middle-class family of well-respected Sanskrit school teacher and a simple man, Shamanna and his wife who is a  home maker and a mother of three. Gouramma, very fond of reaching sky high forgets her boundary limits and day dreams of visiting the US of A if her kids settle down in an foreign country such that she could show off the richness of a Dollar against the Rupee. Meanwhile, she forgets that money can only buy materialistic comforts and also cause bitterness in relationships.

Their eldest son fulfills her dream settling down in the US and being an NRI, contributes the major finances to the family, while their younger son, a clerk at a bank, is married to a school teacher, Vinutha. Their second daughter-in-law, though not from an affluent family respects and takes cares of the family by supporting them financially and doing the household chores. Though, Vinu never says NO to Gouramma, she had always found fault in Vinu to make her feel inferior. The situation goes beyond control after the arrival of the eldest daughter-in-law from a very rich family. The gifts bought in "dollars" meant a lot more than the affection and love. Vinu, who had a golden voice had stopped singing since no one would ever appreciate.

Gouramma, who had always been longing eagerly to visit the US gets an opportunity to stay there for any year to look after the to-be-mother, her elder DIL.

She learns the lifestyle was entirely different though they hail from same country. How people change once they leave home and homeland. There was good and bad about the US. She meets most of her acquaintances from Bangalore, now well established in a foreign land, inviting her for lunch and dinner. While few narrate their journey so far was a pain, few express that the country had given them joy and success than the past.

The book is a must read if you are a mother-in-law.

Dollar Bahu was also produced as an Indian Television serial  that gained a huge popularity.

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