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Just a couple of months I enjoy listening to music collection my iPod everyday traveling in the bus to office-home, I lost the ear cushions of my Sennheiser headphones. After an endless search to find a spare ear cushion, I learned that Sennheiser service was not available in Bangalore, none of the showrooms including Imagine or the shops at SP Road had. :(

I shot an email to the concerned person on their website and soon I was communicated that the spare ear cushions for the head phone model I own was available and that they would send it through courier on the receipt of an AT PAR cheque.

New ear cushions

My head phones unusable

Head phones with new ear cushions

I was happy to see the quick service by Sennheiser. Now, I enjoy listening to the music again!

For any issues, they can be contacted at:

Sennheiser Electronics India Pvt Ltd
Office No. 503, Midas Buliding,
Sahar Plaza Complex,
Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri-East,
Mumbai - 400 0059

PS: This has been second experience after the Vodafone Recharge.

Times have really changed for good.

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  1. earlier most of the customers also didnt bother to complain or follow, today we have become much more aware and proactive.


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