Tuesdays with Morrie

Drafted 15-Mar-09

Author Mitch Albom

Pages 192

ISBN 9780767905923

Category Non-fiction

Few teachers not only teach you the lesson prescribed in the syllabus but also teach the secrets of leading a better life.

Morrie Schwartz was a professor at a college where Mitch Albom, the author of this book graduated. Morrie, affected by disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerasis(ALS) is well aware of the fact that his counting days are near and he would live for a short duration of another five years. He wants to make best utilization of the time. Morrie also organizes a "living" funeral inviting his close friends and mourns for himself. Strange, isn't it?

In the book, Mitch has interviewed several grieving family members, attended funerals. But he had never seen as Morrie cried. The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and let it come in. We are so much indulged in work that we forget how small things matter.
Mitch soon realizes that he has everything in life but something is missing. While eating, he had never realized how the food tasted - if it was good or bad.

Mitch unexpectedly meets Morrie whose lower body had been paralysed. Morrie, though, survives with the help of others is full of life and one could never make out the fear of death from his expression. Morrie prepares himself strong to face death. The professor and the student decide to meet every Tuesday. They spend time discussing the secret behind the happiness.

On first Tuesday, they talk about the world.

On second Tuesday, they speak about feeling sorry for yourself.

On third Tuesday, they talk about teachers.

On fourth Tuesday, they talk about death.

On fifth Tuesday, they talk about family.

On sixth Tuesday, they talk about emotions.

On seventh Tuesday, they talk about the fear of aging.

On eighth Tuesday, they talk about money.

On ninth Tuesday, they talk about love.

On tenth Tuesday, they talk about marriage.

On eleventh Tuesday, they talk about culture.

On twelfth Tuesday, they talk about forgiveness.

On thirteenth Tuesday, they talk about the perfect day.

On fourteen Tuesday, they bid good-bye.

Yet they continue to meet on every Tuesday. Death ends a life, not a relationship.

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." - Henry Adams.

My rating: 4/5
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  1. I know I wanted to read this one. And I hope to get it soon :)

    Some real nice quotes!

  2. It's one of the MOST beautiful books I've read! :)
    And it was given to me by the guy who later became my boyfriend, and then, husband ;) Hehe...given the depth and quality of his selection of book, I thought he was also an avid reader like me. Was fooled: but I must say, the depth of his relationship is as good as the one in the book :)

    Have you read 'To Sir, With Love'? If not, please do: it also stands for "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." - Henry Adams."

  3. Scorpria, Thx for sharing the info. will read it soon :)


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