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April 8, 2008:
Bought myself a 1 year Flickr Pro Account for unlimited photo upload. Being photography obsessed, uploaded every possible photo I clicked, be it good or bad. I, constantly, submitted few snaps to various groups on flickr and received positive feedback and a great scope for improvement.

April 8, 2009:
No longer photo enthusiastic. Lost in my own world of work! Damn. Flickr pro account expires and I don't care to renew it either.

April 8, 2010:
Slow migration from flickr to facebook pages. It is much easier to maintain a photo set at a single site and have a huge fan followers. ;)

I am lost thinking I would upgrade my gear to a DSLR; visit new places and revisit the old ones, click 'em with a brand new lens as never before. How I wish I would get back to flickr!!!

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