Y2k is a very special and a memorable year. The reason being:

I stepped out of the school with flying colors and entered a PU college. I also got an opportunity to fight with my dad that I would not take up *PCM"B" as an optional since I had hated and even now hate Di-section/killing cock roaches. You shouldn't blame or even scold me if I flunk in Biology. :D And landed into a *PCM"Cs" class learning "What is a computer, PASCAL ....." :) I still have the notes!

I got a chance to create my first email id using rediff.com which offered 2MB Inbox storage. A cousin who was newly wed and flew to US would send loads of photos often which I would store in a 1.44MB floppy disk and clear the inbox from flooding. ;) I still use rediffmail.

You should start preparing for II PU exams, book for tuitions and CET exams when you are still in I PU. The whole class would accompany you in bunking during II PU classes which eases the lectures job. You would study the tuition notes religiously without even bothering to check the text books. Language classes like English, Sanskrit are taken for granted unless your English faculty is a good looking lady with an excellent command. ;)

Last but not the least, I miss summer vacations. :(

*PCMB => Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology.

*PCMCs => Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science.

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  1. Y2K....quite a long time since we had that scare:)

  2. it seems so long ago, all the english lecturers were good looking :D and we used to take the crowded BMTC bus to college :)

  3. did my comment get posted or not??? :(

  4. ok it wasnt..hmm so again I type. I had taken PCMB out of interest in bio even if i was going to pursue engg. we dissected just a rat..nothing else. my first id was on rediff too.

  5. Renu, hehe...

    Su, yep... will write abt it in detail..

    Reema, same pinch.. gemini's are so alike :D


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