I don't wanna goto office

Today, I complete four golden years of my career. A couple of months, I wasn't motivated to goto office. It was a boring routine. Though, it was a different situation during the initial years of work.

My status message on Facebook and the response I received. ;)

~me~ i dont wanna goto office....................!!!!
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1. bunk dear... bunk... :P
January 28 at 9:46pm · Like ·

2. call in sick :D
January 28 at 10:01pm · Like ·

3. work from home :) :)
January 28 at 10:09pm · Like ·

4. Hire someone to set the office on fire!
January 28 at 11:21pm · Like ·

5. Good one!! Can u see fb at work??
January 29 at 5:01am · Like ·

6. aaahhh great....we're closed today...snow-day! why cant we have something lik this in B'lore - pollution day or traffic jam day haha!
January 29 at 8:01pm · Like ·

7. i must say...ur friends have IDEAS!!! hahaha :D
January 29 at 10:12pm · Like ·

8. ~me~ Thx for all your wonderful responses ;) feeling much better after hearing all this :P
January 30 at 8:10pm · Like ·

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