Drafted : 16th April 2010

If you love fantasies, you would love Avatar, the best 3D I have ever seen with amazing effects. A perfect 162 min entertainer.

If you're bored watching the romantic love stories where the heroine breathes her last and the hero sulks in her memory, you would like watching Avatar. 

I wish I would live in A.D. 2154 in the planet of Pandora where I can connect the heartbeat to that of an animal and take an easy ride, play around the mother goddess tree, Eywa. The diseases would be cured easily and relax in peace. Trust and faith are merely not two "words" and aliens show faith in you. ;)

A ray of hope that you could save the planet with mere faith in you.... 

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  1. If you have a long braid, try contacting its end to a wild beast. Maybe it will work. Why wait till 2154?

  2. What I will not do to be there in Pandora! Delighted..:) A good movie!

  3. up↑take, I need to be on Pandora for doing it. So waiting till 2154 ;)


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