My farmland

I began sowing on a tiny piece of land which I never dreamed of.

I bought the seeds which grew fast, in a day or two and sowed them.

I planted Trees which bore fruits. 

I even started the Chicken Farm and the Cow shed.

To make my task easier I invested on the Tractors for seeding, ploughing and harvesting made my work easier.

After which I seeded Grapes and my neighbours would add fertilizer to  the crop.


Pine apples

Red hot chillies ;)

I wish I own a farm someday. :D


  1. oh no, you too got sucked into the vicious online game....

  2. how come we are neighbors?? :( Hint hint nudge nudge

  3. S, Thx

    Renu, Joined long ago, now bored :)

  4. su, Now got bored. Wanna sell off my farm. Any buyers? ;)

    Reema, :)


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