Vinnaithandi Varuvaya

Uyire unnai unnai yendhan,
Vaazhkai thunayaaga,
Yerkindren yerkindren..
Inimel puyal, veyil, mazhai,
Paalai, solai ivai,
Ondraaga kadappomey..

I have listen to this lovely song from Tami movie, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa meaning Will you Cross the Skies for Me?, at least one thousand times composed by the music lord himself. If you've not listened, please do. ;)

Similar song, Manasa malli malli choosa, from Telugu movie  Ye Maaya Chesave.

I am sure you would beat my record after listening to these wonderful songs. :D

Staying calm without listening, mudiyaathe mudiyaathe. ;)

© Manasa. All rights reserved.


  1. Hey Manasa, good to catch u after a while and see tht u've kept ur blog going .....good job. I loved this movie and the music .... it has a mushy feel to it, that lasts for hours after the movie is over :)

  2. Maverick, welcome back.
    I haven't seen the movie yet.


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