The conquest and the inquest

"Wow, lovely wedding photographs kane." A message popped up.

She complimented as she browsed the facebook album.

"Thanks, kaNe.If you were here, you would have enjoyed the wedding and the food, too."

"aiyo, bidu." (leave it)

"You know, you should come here, to the US. You would make a good moolah clicking at the weddings."

"oh.. howda?" (Oh, is it?)

"Yes. People here splurge on weddings. Most interesting.. is that the divorces happen more frequently than the marriages!"

"Thats true. Splurging on weddings and later on lawyers. ;)"

During the yesteryears, either the husband or the wife compromised. Then, if one shouted, the other kept calm. Now, if one shouts, the other at a higher pitch. When I meet old couples who are married for 30-40 years, both educated and working; how both would support at times high and low. Recalling one of the incidents, my aunt narrated how less her husband's salary was, and how well she managed the home with the little income and the family of five. She comments, marriages these days have become mere business where you get rid of a person signing papers once you find nothing else than the faults in the other rather than compliment the goodness. Earlier, divorces were considered a taboo and happened only in the West.

Does the young generation lack patience or is it one's ego?

Is it "Two imperfect people make a perfect living" or vis a vis?

"Love, the quest; marriage, the conquest; divorce, the inquest."
~Helen Rowland

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  1. Today we are following the west in the worst is our biggest virtue and we are loosing that and our values.

  2. Indeed! fast food, fast life, less patience, and what not?? between I sent u friend request on facebook.

    Warm regards,


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