Dolls Museum

Dasara or Dolls Museum, is what I call, is celebrated arranging the dolls . :) I wish the doll collection grows in the coming years. 

The Kalasa, Saraswati Pooja and Ayudha Pooja

The main attraction is the Pattada Gombe. The Pattada Gombe is a Man and Wife made of wood, without which Dasara is incomplete.

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  1. nice arrangement,I remember visiting your house long time back during Dasara and you or aunty had made "kumkumda battalu" out of toothpaste caps...

  2. nice pics . loved the last one .. how are u ?? i am here after a long time \:) hope u remember me :D

  3. अनिल कान्त, Thanks. Keep visiting.

    Renu, me too.. I wanna visit Mylapore sometime and buy Golu dolls.

  4. su, Yeah. we still have those. Glad you remember ;)

    arvind1187, Me doing good. How about you. Welcome back. :)


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