Kadala Podrathu

"Hi da, good morning. How was your weekend?" while I ping a friend who is pucca Chennaiite .

"It was good da. Very sleepy, though."

"Full day roaming huh?"

"ille da"


"kalada pothindirukka da.. was talking till 5am!"

"what does it mean da??? I don't understand Tam slangs so well"

"Dei, ask someone next to you."

"why can't you tell what it means."


"Hmmm... okay."

In Tamil, Kadala means peanuts, Podrathu means throwing. Kadala Pothratu means Flirting. :P
During olden days, when there were hardly any restaurants, theaters, bowling or water parks, young couple used to buy the peanuts sold at the beach, chit-chat for hours together. Hence, the origin. :)

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