Childhood is a short season

"Childhood is a short season."  ~Helen Hayes

These toys remind me of sweet childhood days. When, we, as kids, used to gather at aunt's house or granny's house during the summer vacation; if one had a balloon or a small toy, a doll or even a tricycle. How we would quarrel among other kids to grab and play with it. ;)

Childhood is a short season. ~Helen Hayes

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  1. I wish i had been kid yet :( /... ironic.. we try to grow up when we are kids and when we are grown up we want to kids all again :(

  2. Reema, toh.. kitna accha hota :(

    How do we know, thx :) BTW, where do you blog? Give me the link.

    arvind1187, keep.. grass on the other side is always greener :P


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