I visit you uninvited. Enter into everyones lives without even knocking at your door nor asking for your permission. As I kiss you, you stop smiling forever, forget when you smiled the last time. Just a cheerful person once you were, but gloomy now. You think of those pieces as you look yourself at the mirror. Cry, cry, .. tears.. I lead you to the confused path which was never your destination. I am hopelessness.

I enter your lives and you are joyous, smiley, calm and a composed person. You love yourself, no matter who you're and how you're. Success is your dream. I hold you while you step on thorns so you can reach your goal. Nothing can harm you. You're lively. I am Hope. :)

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  1. Nice post, Manasa! Have a great new year ahead :)

    - Da

  2. Lovely, your posts are getting more thoughtful these days! what lovely lines..:) Awesome!

  3. good thoughts!!

    Wish you a very happy and prosperous New year!!!

  4. Hope is the best thing that happened to human being. And the worst too. :)


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