Mysooru Mallige

Mysooru Mallige, a popular book by K.S. Narasimha Swamy in the year 1942, which is much popular as a Kannada movie directed by T.S. Nagabharana in the year 1991, which every Kannadiga savours the beautiful songs written by the poet.

BaLegaara(Seller of bangles) Chennaiah visits Naviluru, with bunches of bangles made of glass hung to the shoulders. Naviluru is an imaginary town by the author. As Chennaiah visits Naviluru, he learns that todays women are without the bangles and men wearing earrings, steel bangle and long hair.

He enters the house of the poet, narrates the story to the present generation who are the grand children of the poet. The house where the young couple, the poet and his wife Sitamma lived since they were wed. During each visit, the lady of the house, Sitamma, would get him a pinch of jaggery along with water so that Chennaiah could quench his thirst from a long walk. But the present, great grand daughter gets him a bottle of pepsi which he is taken aback when he requests for water. He denies pepsi and requests for water with a pinch of jaggery.

The play consists of all the songs and has been performed very well by the artists. Directed by Dr B.V. Rajaram and Screenplay by Rajendra Karanth, the baLegaara: narrator of the story.

The poet, being a loyal and a humble man undergoes suffering as a young man of twenties, middle aged man, old man neglected by his children. His wife being a tolerant and patient woman supports him during odd times; scarcity of food, clothing and money!

In a way, the story depicts, if there is no pain, no feeling, you cannot write good poems or songs. The poet who is loyal without urge to mint money invites suffering to himself.

Few songs I hunted on youtube after watching the play.
Balegara Chennaya bagilige bandhihenu

Ondhirulu kanasinali nannavala kelidhenu

Premada Pariya Naanariye Kanakangi

Rayaru bandharu maavana manege

Deepavu ninnade gaaliyu ninnade

Mysooru Mallige, as title suggests, Mysore is famous for Mallige(Jasmine) flower.

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