The Decent Proposal!

A poet-friend of mine who goes by the screen name "SmileWithAni" (Smile with Ani) has written lovely poems and wished I would publish them on my blog on his behalf.

She sat at the table eating an oat,
Speaking words warm as coat,
About her, I can't stop thinking,
Eternity I can see, no blinking.

Thinking of her made me write,
Being with her is ought to be right,
I need to express to her my Love,
But I ask myself, How oh How?

I mayn't show what I write here,
I'm sure one day her heart will hear,
The day will come when I have no fear,
Hope she's not gone but near.

I know it doesn't end with poem,
I need her to build my sweet home,
Truly she is an inspiration,
She made me write in her adoration.

Every time she asks me wazzup?
My eyes go wide like a li'l pup,
I dint write this after a pile,
But hope this makes her for once smile.

Telling this runs the chill thru the spine,
But if she accepts all will be fine,
If she does, we'll wine and dine,
And then forever she'll be mine 'n' me thine.

© SmileWithAni. All rights reserved.

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